The BladeTree® Speech Recognition Server (SRS) is a high performance Cluster Computer platform that processes multiple speech recognition requests it receives over a network. The Speech Recognition Engine and Speech Libraries (from Nuance for example) can be accessed as applications from the SRS system management module, available in LINUX.

The BladeTree® SRS system utilizes multiple processors, dedicated to the task of high performance speech recognition. Each installation is scalable to meet the needs of a specific application, in that additional sets of processors can be included in the configuration with a linear increase in performance and capacity.

The BladeTree®  Speech Recognition System (SRS) consists of two redundant systems with redundant Load Balancing Server (LBS) gateways.




The FifthGen Parallel Processor is
a tree-structured network of processors designed to provide significant performance improvement in the execution of very large time-consuming problems, such as speech recognition and pattern recognition. Earlier versions of tree-structured machines were first designed at Columbia University under DARPA contracts.

FGC's patented technology includes a novel method and system for interconnecting large numbers of microprocessors in an array formed as a binary tree... more


The FifthGen Patents: A High Performance Low Latency
Parallel Processor


Fifth Generation Computer Corporation is the owner of one US patent, two recently expired US patents which are incorporated by reference in the current patent and the rights to use two additional expired patents and related technology, all in the field of parallel processing. The Company also holds one European patent and one patent pending in the European Patent Office.


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